The MindSet Journey

9-Week Deep Dive Journey with Priya

This 9-week deep dive journey is designed for you to learn new tools to expand your self awareness, make micro changes, and upgrade your day to day life!

Each week we will address a different issue and dive deep into it using The MindSet tools. Working in a group provides faster results. We cannot, and should not, do the inner work alone. We invite you to grow with us and meet people who will play a significant role in your self-development journey.

We will discuss and learn about relationships, interpersonal agreements, and communication from a peaceful and non-responsive perspective.

We will learn why our minds wander to the past and future, how to accumulate present moments while using different meditations that suit your personal inner state and routine.

To deepen your experience, you will meet Priya for a 1-on-1 session, prior to or during the course of the 9-week journey. In this important session, you and Priya will dive deeper into your journey, which will allow Priya to create a personal daily practice for the longer run.

Join us on a journey to:

In our sessions, questions
will be asked and answered, together.

Together we are able to broaden our reaction possibilities beyond our current mindset all the way to a better and fearless life!

About Priya

Priya is the originator of The MindSet Journey which enables individuals and groups to redefine what’s possible in their lives ~ work, families, relationships, and communities.

Priya relies on the ancient tradition of Zen and the modern technology of Trilotherapy (creating inner balance to integrate our personality), gestalt, and numerous emotional release methods.

Priya enables her students to take direct steps to realizing and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Applying the powerful tools of The MindSet, Priya will escort you on a journey that enables you to identify and release mindsets and heartsets, through the understanding that many of our thoughts no longer serve us and do not match our present life, freeing you to create your true life.

Internationally recognized MindSet originator Priya Glikman is a sought after meditation teacher, personal transformation facilitator, conference speaker and seminar leader.
Since 2016, Priya resides in San Francisco with her family.

In Priya's Students Words:

groups starting in SPRING 2023

Please select the group which works best with your schedule. Your group will meet at the same day and time every week.

September 12th
Tuesdays Afternoons
2:30-5:00pm PST
In-Person @The Pad Studios

September 20th
Wednesdays Afternoons
2:30-5:00pm PST
Zoom Classes

October 5th
Thursdays Mornings
Zoom Classes

Following this journey, if you are ready and willing, you may be invited to apply for The MindSet training course to learn how to deliver these tools with your own clients.

For questions and additional information, please contact us:

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